My London Escort friend from and I traveled the country 12,000 miles and interviewed over 300 couples about what makes their marriage last and bar none, the largest, single greatest insight that they all said was respect. See, for a man that is the single greatest key to being connected in a relationship: when he feels like his thoughts are respected. We want to feel in love, too, but our feelings of love get generated when we feel like we’re providing for you, when we feel like we’re doing a good job for you.
So I wanted to give you three quick tips for how to ignite this feeling of, “Am I able to make you happy? Am I able to provide for you what it is that you want?” because men literally get a biological boost when we feel like we’re providing for you. In fact, research shows there’s a serious of questions men go through when deciding whether or not they want to commit to their woman. And one of the biggest ones –you know, as much as you like to think it’s about you, it’s about how we feel about ourselves when we’re around you, and one of the biggest questions is: “Do I feel like a man in your presence?”
So here’s three quick things that you can implement right now in your relationship or in a dating scenario that will help your man feel more like a man in your presence according to London Escorts.
The first one is to compliment him. Men don’t do very well with criticism because it strikes our ego. It makes us feel like we’re not providing for you. So if you want to influence him to do more of something or if you even want to just make him feel like a man, compliment him on something that he did for you, okay?
A lot of times women will use the words – you know, you like to acknowledge that you love him so you’ll say, “I love you.” An even more powerful thing is to tell him that you’re proud of him and tell him why you’re proud of him. Say, “Honey, you remember when you took me out last week and you took me to that really romantic dinner? God, that was awesome! It made me feel so loved, so cared about. That was just the best when you did that.”
Complimenting him on something that he did, telling him that you’re proud of him for a particular reason is huge.
Second thing: Ask for him opinion and then simply listen. Men’s greatest, again, subconscious desire is to have their thoughts respected, so when you ask his opinion about something and then just listen fully to his opinion – resist the urge to jump in and share ideas because, women, it’s easy to communicate that way because you feel connected and you’re cooperating and collaborating. Men only interrupt each other when we’re being competitive and when we’re vying for power. So make sure that when you ask for his opinion, just listen and let him finish.
And the third one is to ask for his help with something. Men love to feel like the hero. They love to feel like they can provide you with something. We love to feel needed, so if you can ask for his help with something, that will also give him a biological boost, feel more like a man in your presence and he’ll want to be in your presence and connect to you on a deeper level more.

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