Since my wife and I started having marriage problems, I began to develop a fetish for teenage girls. I found myself checking out school girls, and their uniforms turned me on. I dreamt about touching their young breasts and fucking their brains out. One day while browsing the internet I came across a “teenage” escort agency, https://londonxcity/escorts. I immediately knew my desires were about to be fulfilled. I quickly paid my subscription and made an arrangement on Saturday in the afternoon in a hotel room.

I was early at the hotel room by an hour, when I heard a soft knock on my door. In front of me was a gorgeous girl who looked like she was no older than 16. I motioned her to come in, and I couldn’t wait to see her dress on the floor. Her name was Cynthia, she had long beautiful legs and a pretty face, she looked younger than her age. She was not surprised to find an old man her client. I am a well build 50-year-old man and weigh around 178 pounds. She sat on my lap, and I started touching her breast through her clothes. Cynthia shuddered; she could feel my hands moving downwards, and she let out a small gasp when she felt me come into contact with her pussy. In a few moments, she was lightly moaning and licking her lips. She shuddered violently as I worked my hand on her clit.

Suddenly, she stripped me of my pants in one swift motion without warning and took my hard cock into her hand, engulfing its sensitive head with her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet, and it made me groan in pleasure. I could feel her naughty tongue swirl around my dick, and I was in heaven. Her mouth was perfection; she hungrily engulfed my cock driving me to the edge. I badly wanted to cum, and she increased her pace. I wanted to cum in her pussy and not in her mouth.

I slid my cock form her mouth and bent her over exposing her teenage pussy. It was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I pointed my dick into her honey pot and thrust in, she was dripping wet. I grabbed her waist and started pushing to meet her rhythm. I felt an urge to dominate her. I told her to call me daddy and beg for my dick. ‘’Please daddy fuck me’’, she begged. I told her to shout and beg again. Suddenly she started whispering, ‘Please daddy fuck me hard with your beautiful cock, make me feel good, please.’’ Hearing those words from her lovely lips turned me on even more. I started thrusting, and occasionally she would squeeze my dick with her pussy walls. I was fucking her hard at supersonic speed, and I could tell she was about to climax.

I began rubbing her clit to increase the pleasure and I could feel her teeth chattering, suddenly her body exploded into waves of pleasure spraying her squirt all over the bed, and I shot my cum in her pussy. We spent the entire afternoon making love and fulfilling all my desires, and this made me feel young again.

Fulfilling My Teenage Fetish

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